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Vector Post Drivers
Vector Model 2 Post Driver

Vector PowerDrive post drivers

are designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland where land conditions are so variable that true versatility of performance is an absolute necessity.

Model 2 Main Features

  • Hydraulic side tilt
  • Hydraulic top link
  • 3 bank high flow valve
  • Independent Post Cap system
  • Three point rope adjustment

Vector Model 3 Postdriver

Model 3 Main Features

  • 380kg hammer
  • Independent Post Cap system
  • Hydraulic side tilt
  • Hydraulic top link with check valve
  • Hydraulic side shift
  • Rock spike to bore holes in difficult ground
  • Top link pivot mechanism
  • 4 bank high flow bankable valve
  • Optional cable control
  • Tow hitch provided for in-field use
  • Large skid shoe for smooth side shift function
  • 5 position rope adjustment

Vector Model 4 Post Driver

    Model 4 Main Features

  • 380kg solid steel hammer
  • Independent post cap system
  • 600mm side shift travel
  • 300mm rear shift travel
  • High degree of mast lift
  • Heavy duty top link with anti-creep valve
  • Multi-position top link anchor point - 6 positions available
  • Double beam side shift frame
  • Double beam rear shirt slides
  • Self-lubricating wear pads on all slides
  • Independent hydraulic jacks with anti-creep valves
  • Large floatation skid shoes

Model 1 1+ 2 2+ 3 4
Hammer (Kg) 350 380 380 380 380 380
One-man operation
Log splitting
Straining Posts
Tractor Mountable
Post Cap          
Heavy-duty Post Cap          
Independent Post Cap    
Hydraulic Controls    
Side Tilt    
Rope positions     3 5 5 Multi
Top link Positions       3 Multi Multi
Cap Adaptors      
Telescopic loader mountable          
Side Shift        
Rear Shift          
Hydraulic Jacks          


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Vector reserve the right to change the design and specifications without prior notice


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