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Stocks Dual Wheels


Stocks are the largest UK manufacturer of specialist wheels for agricultural tractors, including Stocks Duals and BoxRim Rowcrops - both unique to Stocks. We also manufacture most other types and designs of wheels for high speed agricultural vehicles, combines, telehandlers, loaders, self propelled and trailed sprayers and forage harvesters.

Stocks Fanjet

Fan Jet Broadcaster

Stocks has seven models of the multi purpose 12 volt electric spinning disc broadcaster to apply slug pellets, small seeds and granules. The Pro series now has a high torque / low power disc motor, all stainless steel disc and new feed mechanism with 2 feed apertures for improved spread pattern and width, and a higher application rate, and an uprated control console, with models perfect for ATV, sprayer or tracto use.

Stocks Turbojet

Turbo Jet

A versatile and accurate 12 volt powered pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seeds from 8 outlets and 8 or16 spreader plates, or blank off outlets as required to band sow with a 5 or 7 leg subsoiler for example. Use the Turbo Jet with a tined harrow as a grass seeder when undersowing or rejuvenating pasture, and with a cultivator as a low cost one pass seeder.


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