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Ritchie Sheep Feeder

Bulk Creep Feeder

Based on the 475 Bulk Hopper, the unit with creep system is double sided, supplied with adjustable creep fronts fitted with steel rollers. The creep system folds on to the hopper for easy transport on 3 point linkage or fork-lift.
Specifications: 2440mm long, 1110mm wide (closed), 3580mm wide (open), u.w. 400kgs

Bulk Creep Feeder For Lambs

Bulk Creep for Lambs

Constructed from mainly 2mm steel plate. The unit is designed with a full length hinged lid complete with lid lock to allow easy and safe filling. The hopper mounted canopies ensure maximum portection to feedstuffs from rain whilst offering easy access for the animal. The unit can easily be moved on 3 point linkage. Supplied in painted finish only. Dimensions 2440mm long, 910mm wide (closed) 1850mm wide (opened) u.w 345 kgs.

Lamb Creep Feeder

Creep Feeder for Lambs

All galvanised. Large capacity central hopper with trough on each side. Adjustable bars and hopper designed to exclude ewes from feed trough. Full length corrugated lid for rigidity and easy filling. Light enough to be handled easily by one man. Hopper capacity approx 150kgs. Length 2.4m.

Ritchie Lamb Creep Feeder

Feeder and Shelter for Lambs

Manufactured from galvanised sheet metal. Roller width spacings quickly and easily adjusted to exclude ewes from the feeder. (approx spacings 150mm, 190mm, and 225mm). Full length central hopper with approx 250kg. capacity, filled through hinged door in roof. This feeder also gives a considerable amount of shelter. Towing ring at each end. 2.4m long, 1.98m wide, 1.01m high, rollers 610mm high.

Ritchie Single Sided Creep Feeder

Single Sided Lamb Creep Feeder

Manufactured from galvanised steel sheet. Access gained from one side only through easily adjusted steel rollers (150mm, 190mm and 225mm). One full length hopper and trough easily filled through sliding door in roof.

Walk Through Feed Trough

Walk Through Feeder

Clear span walk through feeder in sections which simply bolt together. Manufactured from RHS, and tube complete with Galvanised sheet metal trough.

Hot Dipped Galvanised.
Specifications: 2400mm long, 710mm wide, 1000mm high.

Galvanised TROUGH

Galvanised Trough

Strong extra-large capacity trough.
Hot Dipped Galvanised.
Specifications: 2.4m long, 280mm wide at top, 150mm wide at bottom, 200mm deep.

Circular Sheep Feed Ring

Circular Sheep Feed Ring

Heavy duty circular sheep feed ring 1.55m diameter, 0.9m high, complete with 24 spaces above a 300mm deep welded skirt. Supplied in two halves for easy pin together assembly.

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