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ritchie auto head gate

Auto Head Gate

Ideal for installing in either a race of an existing crate/crush
Can be easily transported and used at an out farm along with Ritchie hurdles and drop rods/joining stake to create a race
Standard specifications:

  • operated from either side
  • variable width neck yoke
  • automatic reset
  • neck rope facility
  • 880mm

Ritchie Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate

Designed to be incorporated in a cattle race or at the rear of a crush
Prevents other animals pushing forward or animals moving back down the race
Opens to both the left and right sides
Easy to install with the lugs provided
860mm wide 1980mm high

ritchie jointing loop

Joining loop

Joins hurdles in a race to prevent animals pushing the hurdles out
Come in either 762mm wide or 1520mm wide

ritchie hurdes


Robust hurdles for races and pens

  • Either 2.5m and 3m lengths
  • All are 1.62m high

ritchie acess cubicle

Access cubicle

Solid sheet metal side doors with ratchet rump bar and aluminium floor
Either side door can be closed in to close off the race to provide safety for the operator

  • 900mm in length
  • supplied with 2 joining pins to attach on to crush.

Ritchie Head Scoop


Designed to control the head of an animal to make dosing, tagging etc easier and safer
Prevents an animal ‘going down’ whilst being held by the yoke
Available with either Left or right hand operation
Adjustable bracket available
Can be fitted to most headgates
Can easily be removed when not required

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Ritchie reserve the right to change the design and specifications without prior notice


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