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Orkel GP1260 Agrionic Combination Baler _ Wrapper

Orkel GP1260 Agronic - Bale Wrapper Combination - Baling and wrapping in one operation
Orkel GP1260 Agronic is a new step in making baling and wrapping even more profitable and efficient.

      • The bale is directly transported to the wrapper unit and wrapped
        immediately. High bale density immediate wrapping gives forage of highest
      • Less net and optimised wrapping reduces costs.
      • Enough space under the machine, combined with low fall height for the
      • Reliability as well under hilly conditions.
      • Low ground pressure.
      • Flexible: Wrapper possible to retrofit
  • The combi baler can also be used for baling of hay and straw without
    wrapping. This is just a matter of setting the wrapping to zero rotations.
  • The bale is not wrapped, and may be accumulated, then released anywhere.
Orkel GP1260 Agronic
Orkel Wrapper

"Easy control" of wrapper
Professional pre-stretcher Orkel has self-adjustable
pre-stretchers, with a pre set stretch of 70%.
500 mm or 750 mm film may be applied. The
film knife is cutting and holding the film in a very
secure way. This makes the starting procedure
very reliable. Wind and rainy conditions
do not create problems.

For further information on the full product range available please visit the Orkel web site by clicking here.

Orkel reserve the right to change the design and specifications without prior notice


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