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Rosensteiner Klauenpflege & DPL

We supply the following hoofcare crushes. Please visit the Rosensteiner website for more equipment information.

Tipping Units



Easier and quicker drive-in of animals through newly-designed catching devise and pushing gate

  • head catching devise takes head position into account
  • adapts to animal size
  • mechanic or hydraulic pushing gate, also useable as table prolongation
  • forward-facing or lateral exit can be opened wide

Simple, self-explaining operation

  • distances between working steps reduced by up to 40%
  • central-operat with ergonomic working height
  • At least 30% higher working output
  • simple belt system with hydraulic Tension

Easy transport and comfortable operation

  • Less space required in the barn
  • Multiple transport means with fork lifter, lift truck or tractor
  • integrated hitch-points for fix ground positioning
  • toolbox in easy reach
  • service-friendly


The innovative hoof trimming tipping crush for professionals......

  • Simple, intuitive operation: fast and easy handling!
  • No touching of the animal necessary: catching,belt and foot fastening works hydraulically!
  • Only 30 seconds from the first step into the crush to having all 4 hoofs ready in working position!

Equipment features.....

  • Hydraulic catching and fastening system enables fastest possible catching
  • Hydraulic belt system adapts automatically to the animal size
  • Hydraulic leg holder system, especially gentle and firm grip
  • Simple, intuitive operation for highest comfort and a compact workspace
  • Numerous additional features and options available

Vertical Units


The Red5 is a unique hoof trimming crush which compares to expensive over-dimensioned and over-mechanized boxes regarding performance but by far more economic and user-friendly.

•    The vertical crush which facilitates, simplifies and speeds up work
•    Highest performance for the farmer
•    Innovative catching devise for any cattle – even horned ones


The hoof crush for dairy cattle....

  • Specially designed for the 5-steps of functional hoof trimming
  • Available as basic model up to the professional version comprising electric winches and  complementary parts
  • Eye-catching design and perceptible function


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